What People Are Saying About Me

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Brad is brilliant, has high attention to detail, is trustworthy, and is a super nice guy.

Nikolai Matveev

Brad is, by far, levels above the rest when it comes to taking care of your marketing efforts. Marketing strategies that we could never think of. Thank you, Brad!!

Danny Fuentes

Brad really knows the ins and outs of the digital marketing world and will ensure that you are maximizing the return on your marketing campaigns.

Grant Raney

Had a great experience. They provided invaluable guidance, then made recommendations to help us reach our goals. Highly recommended!

Jason De Los Santos

I've had the pleasure of working with Brad in the past, and he is by far one of the most honest individuals in this industry. If you're looking for integrity, look no further.

Tim Backes
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Two Key Ways I Help Contractors

Whether you are trying to bring your marketing efforts in-house or need support managing your agency, I can help!

Fractional CMO for Contractors

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In contractor marketing, D.I.Y. is D.I.B – Doing it Best. Cutting costs and dramatically improving results don’t usually go hand in hand. However, over a decade of experience and our Contractor Marketing FrameworkTM does precisely that. Here are a few other benefits:

  • Stop wasting money on agency fees
  • Build a future-proof internal marketing team
  • Proven framework for predictable growth
  • Transparency that improves results
  • Increase the value of your company
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Agency monitoring and management

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Tired of the stress that comes with managing marketing agencies? Sick of worrying about your agency suggesting strategies and services that benefit them more than you? Want an expert “in the room” to ensure your best interests are covered? We can help! Here are a few other benefits:

  • Impartial experts looking out for your interests
  • Proven strategies for predictable growth
  • Ensure you are getting what you are paying for
  • Understand what’s working, what’s not – and why
  • Regain time and energy for other business needs
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Why I Do It

Our “Why” is often more important than our “What” in business.

At The Bradford Group, our Why is simple:

We exist to help contractors remove the stress and uncertainty associated with digital marketing.

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I have sat in front of an empty dispatch board, compulsively hitting refresh all day to see if any jobs came in.
Talk about high stress!

I want to help remove that burden from your life, but more importantly, I want to remove it from the equation altogether.

Implementing a reliable marketing framework (and team!) will free you to focus on the other 247 things on your plate.

Additionally, if you work with an agency, I want to be in your corner, advocating for your best interests at every turn.

Let me help you make sense of your digital marketing services and assist you in building a winning brand.

Get To Know Who I Am

I want to work for you!

I am taking over a decade of marketing agency experience and putting it to work for you, the contractor.❞

Brad Dery President
When we meet, I’ll tell you more about my experience and skills. In the meantime, here are the basics of Brad:
  • I built (and sold) a mid-sized contractor marketing firm from zero
  • I have an advanced understanding of nearly every facet of home services marketing
  • I’m a big geek, so I eat marketing data for lunch!
  • My analytical brain is built for strategic marketing leadership
  • I genuinely enjoy helping people and hope I’ll have a chance to help you, too

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