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Over 20 years of technology and digital marketing experience.

Do you know if your advertising efforts are really working? We do!

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Because we do not sell advertising services we can provide truly impartial advice.

Our Why

We exist to help business owners make sense of their digital marketing services.

Business owners know firsthand the challenges of digital marketing. Billions of dollars are spent each year, some of them on underqualified marketers and underperforming ads. Advertising online is necessary to grow your business. But are you getting the very best?


The Bradford Group provides business owners with objective, outside assistance to make sense of it all. You can think of us as your personal Digital Marketing Managers – but without the overhead, and with honest impartiality.

We Provide Impartial Advice
and Expert Guidance.

Tired of wondering if your digital marketing is working? Curious about what your agency is really up to? We can help!
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After twenty years in the technology industry, and almost a decade focused on digital marketing, I have seen it all. 

Small businesses are continually being taken advantage of by predatory and even well-meaning digital marketing firms.  As a result, companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on services that do not work, or even worse, pay people to do things that never get done.  I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen a company paying for agency services to find out that the agency was just plain not doing the work.  The Bradford Group is my best attempt to help honest business owners keep their advertising partners honest – and accountable.  While you focus on doing the work that you love, we’ll keep expert eyes on your digital presence and services.  We are your advocate, and we always have your best and most profitable interests in mind.   

Brad Dery


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Our Core Competencies

Marketing Analytics

We aggregate and study the performance of every facet of your digital presence so you can make informed decisions.

Real-Time Reporting

Our client dashboards allow business owners to easily access data about all of their digital marketing services in one place.

Digital Strategy

Our digital marketing experts will uncover costly issues with your advertising services while providing fresh ideas for improvement.

ROI Analysis

Digital marketing only works when it is properly measured. We make sure you know your real costs per lead - and how much revenue is generated.

Marketing Oversight

Our team can work with your advertising service providers on a monthly basis to review results - and to ask the questions you don’t know to ask.

Annual Planning

Having a cohesive digital marketing plan is vital for success. We provide in-depth annual planning guidance so you can stay busy all year.

Industries we serve

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

We are well equipped to help companies from any industry who cannot afford a full-time marketing manager (or who want another set of eyes on things).

Home Services

Our team has significant depth of experience in working with HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and other home service companies.

Legal Firms

Attorneys are in one of the most competitive and costly industries for online advertising. They need expert assistance to make sure they are not wasting thousands of dollars.

Medical Facilities

Medical services are one of the most competitive niches on the internet. Our team can provide oversight that prevents loss and improves ROI.


Especially in the current digital landscape restaurants must rely heavily on digital marketing to maintain profitability.

Professional & Financial Services

Due to the lifetime value of a client being so high for accountants and financial planners, digital marketing can be very costly if not managed correctly.

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